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Beginning Beekeeper Classes 2018


COST: $25 per household - includes a 1 year membership to our club and 1 copy of the book "Beekeeping Basics".

The course will be held on the following dates in 2018:

- Tuesday January 23rd

- Tuesday January 30th

- Tuesday February 13th

- Tuesday February 27th

- Tuesday March 13th

- Tuesday March 27th



All classes are held at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Building, 480 North Main Street, Canandaigua, NY, and will start as close to 6:30pm as possible and runs to 8:30pm or later.

Click here for directions.

Members from our club will be the lead teachers for the course with others doing some of the specialized presentations. The following is the general outline that will be followed:

Here is the class agenda for each night, we may move things around depending on weather and speaker availablity.

Class #1 Introduction, Queen Bee and Nomenclature (January 23, 2018)

· Nomenclature and terms used in Beekeeping
· The Life of a Queen Bee
· Equipment: Woodenware; Frames; Foundation; Smoker
· Protective Clothing
· Nucs
· Mentors

Class#2 Equipment and Life Cycle of the Honeybee Worker (January 30, 2018)

· Life Cycle of the Honeybee Worker
· How to assemble/paint Equipment
· Potential Ordering of equipment
· Questions and Answers

Class#3 Setting up an Apiary (February 13, 2018)

· Placement considerations for Urban and Rural locations
· What Bees need
· Potential Ordering of equipment
· Questions/Answers on assembling equipment

Class#4 Pests and Diseases of Honey Bees (February 27, 2018)

· Diseases and Treatments
· Pests and prevention
· Products of the hive

Class#5 Safety, Extractions, Swarms (March 13, 2018)

· How not to get stung & what to do if you get stung
· Allergy and Anaphylactic shock
· Free Bees
· How to pack and light a smoker

Class#6 Review, Q&A  (March 27, 2018)

· Questions and Mentor introduction
· Graduation


Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.