2015: We’ve convinced Wayne to decorate another hive for us! Picture coming soon… this year it’s Yellow

To help defray the costs of running the GBC, we are raffling off this wonderfully painted hive. The hive itself was donated by Kim and Ben Carpenter of Hungry Bear Farms and was painted by Wayne Bryan (in the picture with the hive). Both are local beekeepers and members of the Ontario-Finger Lakes Beekeepers Association.

Thank you Kim, Ben and Wayne for your donations to the GBC!

Raffle tickets for this fantastic hive cost $5 for 1 ticket or $10 for 3 tickets.

Do you recognize any faces?

IMG_0868 IMG_0904B

If you love this hive but are not the winner of it, you can contact Wayne and hire him to custom paint your hives! Contact Wayne by calling him at 585.346.3500.

Here’s some of Wayne’s own hives in his beeyard: