GBC 2016

Here’s the schedule for the 2016 GBC (subject to change)

Conference Date: Saturday, March 19, 2016


8:15am-8:45am   Arrive, Check In at Registration
8:45am-9:00am   Welcome, Review agenda
9:00am-10:00am Tom Seeley The Honey Bees of Arnot Forest: Wild Bees surviving despite Varroa
10:00am-10:15am Break 15 minute break - visit the vendors! Then move to seminar rooms.
10:15am-11:00am Seminar 1a Jim Ochterski – Labeling honey
  Seminar 1b Frank Licata - Honey Bee Nutrition and why its important
11:00am-11:15am Break 15 minute break - Move to main conference room.
11:15am-12:15pm Mike Palmer Keeping Bees in the North
12:15pm-1:15pm Lunch Downstairs - Purchase your lunch ticket when registering
Lunch is sponsered by Mann Lake LTD.
1:15pm-2:15pm Tom Seeley Following the wild bees: Craft and science of bee hunting
2:15pm-2:30pm Break 15 minute break and raffle drawing
2:30pm-3:15pm Seminar 2a Frank Licata - How to deal with SHB and Wax moths
  Seminar 2b Shelley Stuart – Mead
3:15pm-3:30pm Break 15 minute break and raffle drawing
3:30pm-4:30pm Mike Palmer Talk 2
4:30pm-5:15pm Panel Panel Discussion - Tom Seeley, Mike Palmer
5:15pm-5:30pm   Closing Remarks - Check out the vendors
6:00pm-8:00pm   Cocktails and heavy horderves/light dinner at 3 Brothers Winery
Purchase Evening Soical Ticket when registering