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Hungry Bear


You got thru to Hungry Bear... and the nucs are expected Mid May... not June.
I bought Nucs But Ha ...
Category: General
In section A of that, it lists only fur-bearing animals, and pigeons/poultry. Bees are neither.

Section B, the end of the first statement is "whether such use is ...", and that would, in my opinion(which is not worth much) point back to section A. So I would conclude that neither are relevant to honey bees. The State of NY see's bees as livestock, and the town left that word out of this code and narrowed it further down to fur-bearing animals & pigeons/poultry.

Further, bees are not a danger to neighboring property(aside from swarms moving in, but lets leave that out;) ), there is no noise or offensive emission of odors or fumes related to honey bees. The argument I see the town making is health & safety / general welfare. I would question weather the town has a leg to stand on stopping you keeping them with that argument because honey bees are naturally common. There are probably hundreds of wild colonies in the town. How would you keeping them be any different then those wild colonies? There are many other questions and points that could be chatted about, but I think you should find out exactly what code they are going to point(probably this one since someone else looks to have had the same issue) to and what concerns they have. Then we could help you address them.

I would also see if the right to farm law would help you any. Probably wont, but its worth a try. Also, I would look up NYC law on bees, since people can keep bees in NYC, why cant you in your town.

If it were me, I'd just do it, but I am a farm, so they can't stop me.
Zoning Board / Varia ...
Category: NewBees
Hi Steve, Kim and I were thinking of bringing some packages in this year for those who want to do top bar or run all medium supers.

We should be firming up our plans within a week.
Package Bess
Category: General
While there are many ways to keep bees, as long as the bees stay alive, all methods are ok. Each beekeeper needs to figure out how they want to keep their bees.

The beginner class did teach to feed the nuc's. This has been common for many years. Sam Hall talked about how it simulates the bees wax glands. We find this to be true, they seem to build out comb much faster with feed. We feed until honey supers go on. If there is a good flow, the bees do not touch the feed. If the flow is weak, they take some of it. It seems the bee's know far better than we, what they need. We used this time to add some of Honey-B-Healthy's products in with the feed. This year, we are trying all three of them together to see what impact it will have. We have had many beekeepers comment on Honey-B-Healthy and their products positively, others have not seen a difference, but the positives far out weigh the no difference. While their product is not cheap, if it helps them noticeably, then I would consider it safe guarding my investment, of the bee's and equipment. I can justify the cost, by dividing it across many hives. Some beekeepers cannot or choose not to add anything or feed at all.

With this year's club nuc's coming with 4 frames plus a feeder frame, I would lean to say that having a little extra there to help them build up would not be a bad thing. Especially for a new beekeeper, who just spend several hundred on bees and equipment. I think it would be advisable they feed, at least the sugar water to help ensure their bees get the best chance they can.

Again, I am not saying its the right way, its simply one way, to keep bees. It seems to work for us.

2nd brood box
Category: NewBees
I Got a call from Ellen FErnandez 321 626 5121 The bee colony is in the wall of a yellow barn at7658 County Road 12. The Fernandez live in Florida and are here for 2 weeks. While here they are staying on Gannett Hill Road between Naples and Bristol. She says the bees can be accessed from inside the barn without a ladder.
Extraction 4/20/13
We now have Private Messaging service!
Private Messaging
Category: Suggestion Box
Yes Private messaging would be a nice feature. We will look into getting that.
Private Messaging
Category: Suggestion Box
Sam forwarded me this note.

I(Biob Zsembery) have two hives available (double deeps and a medium on each,
rest of honey has been pulled) and 18 ( another 4 possible available)
medium supers in new or like new condition with new duragild
foundation.. 9 frame with metal frame racks/ separators installed.
asking 200 each for hives 20 each for supers. If you put that out to
the rest of the organization I would appreciate it .. I can be reached
at 678-332-7776, my wife ( who will be there through the weekend at
least ) 678-332 7777, my son Aaron who is in Palmyra but will be able
to coordinate from there 315-879-7000 Hives and supers are in Savannah
Hives and Supers for ...
Marie Pipes from 323 county rd 9 in victor called today. She has honey bees in her barn. They need to go has people are getting stung. Please call her if you are interested in get these out of her barn.

Extraction 8/2/12
Jeff Berner
1136 Walker Lake Ontario Rd
RT 260 North of 18 and North of Walker

Swarm 7/9/12
We also missed the Black Locust. I dunno what happened but I did see some blooms but they were are the top top of the tree.
Where's the black lo ...
Category: The Landing Board
We use Bee Tight, its a good program and it can be used on your smartphone or tablet. I will have to look into this Hivetracks.

Bee Tight is $15 per year. Or free if you have less then 6 Hives I believe.
Hive Tracks - FREE m ...
Category: The Landing Board
Please contact me regarding the items you are selling.
Moving, gotta sell o ...
Please let us know if you got this fixed.

Little Rickie wrote:
Bump again. Can anyone help me with this e mail thing?
e-mail notices
Category: Suggestion Box
Ricki Muller in Fairhaven.
There is a swarm of bees that arrived there this morning and are about 8' up in an arborvitae tree.
The address is 14476 Lake Street, Fairhaven.
Her house phone is 315 947 6759 Cell 315 591 4927.
Swarm 7/1/12
So we set limits to what can be uploaded on here. For pictures they are as follows.

Type of file : jpg,jpeg,gif,png
Max file size : 2mb

If the picture is over 800 x 800 it will be resized to 800 by 800. But that will not stop you from uploading it.

Let me know if this explains what happened.
My answer to entranc ...
Category: The Landing Board
Anne, Park Ave Rochester - Apartment Manager

swarm in tree 12 to 14 feet off ground.


Tenants are wanting the swarm gone, someone should get up there soon.
Swarm 6/14/12
Chris - 702-296-9093

City of Gates, 83 Donna Rd

4 foot off ground, its been there since last night.
Swarm 6/11/12
Today's Date : june 8, 2012
Name : Tracy Gossoo
Phone Number : 585-319-1414
Address of Swarm : 8862 St Rt 53, Naples, NY
How long has the swarm been there? : less than 2hrs
How big is the swarm? : Soccer Ball Size
Other Details : We believe this swarm is moving INTO our house, per a local bee keeper, Paul Schwingle. Would appreciate any help you can give!!!
Swarm 6/8/12
Swarm in branch of tree, 3 foot off ground.

Lake Beverage
900 John Street West Henrietta, NY 14586

Little bigger than soft ball size.

Robby - 585-214-9031
Swarm 6/7/12
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